Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Heartfelt Home Ponderings

Today I have firmly dug my heels into the ground and have refused point blank to move from my home - apart from a run later on today to take my daughter to dancing ;)

I feel as though in the busyness that has surrounded me, that my home has been neglected. Little things really, the feeling that I am never quite on top of the laundry. The carpets that really needed a good vacuum a day or two back and the bathrooms that could do with a good clean. All these keeping-the-home things that form part of my joyous role of home keeper and that really do bring me joy, have been set aside. 

Today I woke determined that before everything - even lessons (!!) - we were going to lavish a bit of TLC on our home - our place of refuge.

It actually took less than an hour with the three of us pulling together and getting stuck in. Carpets were vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, wastepaper and recycling bins emptied, counters wiped down and floors mopped. The girls then sat down to their lessons while I completed the last two loads of washing and folded and packed away the clean clothes.

I can't tell what this does for my state of mind :) - I feel a little more ordered and in control. 

Lessons are now done for the day and the planner is officially closed until tomorrow. I have a few hours before I need to think of preparing supper.

I thought that I would take a little stroll around my garden and reconnect. 

A beautiful rose is out in full bloom. I was tempted to snip it off and bring it indoors, but I have enough flowers in various jars around the house, so I'll leave it where it is for now.

The Teasels are looking amazing at the moment. They are tall, so tall and each plant has loads of flowers. I can't wait to see the purple haze develop.

Having Teasels in the garden was something I wanted to do back in 2012, but never got round to it. last spring I planted up the seeds (they are biannual) and nurtured them through the winter. This year we are enjoying this plant in abundance, and I hope (as was intended) that the butterflies and gold finches will enjoy them too.

My Opium poppies have long since shed their floral skirts, but what is left are their beautiful seed heads. So decorative in themselves that I won't cut them back just yet.

The sky today .... oh my! It is quite something. Great big white clouds scudding along the blue, bluest of skies.

I glance over the fields that stretch out from our home, past beautiful grazing Cressie, my neighbours horse, and over the rolling dales. The patchwork quilt of fields is beginning to change now, golden patches are appearing. Today I can see our church clearly nestled in amongst it's nest of trees :o) - the peaceful scene brings a flood of peace washing over me

The postie arrives, today he brings me a book I ordered, I can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and go through it's pages.

 I grab a cup of tea and sit in the sunny, warm conservatory. For a little while cannot tear my eyes away from the countryside, it's just so therapeutic. I open my book, it's pages immediately capture my attention as they reflect what is dear to my heart, home and the English countryside...

The authors words are BEAUTIFUL! Oh she has a way with words! She makes the most mundane household tasks sound like you want to jump right up start doing them!

Scattered throughout her writing of keeping home through the seasons, are recipes which I am definitely going to try. The author reminds me of Susan Branch - she's England's Susan Branch lol.

Anyhoo - I've rambled on for long enough here today :o) - have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.


  1. I just left you a big comment but now it disappeared...

    I was saying - Oh NO!! I love your ramblings and these kinds of days and the time at the end of the day to sit and read a lovely book.. I thought it was a Susan!...until you said something (well, I saw it on the cover that it wasn't).

    Thanks for sharing your day!
    I think I'm going to take my two little gals out for a stroll, this evening.

  2. Isn't it funny how those pesky chores seem like a forever list and yet they can be quickly done in no time. I love making the list and blasting through it. When the company left last weekend, I did laundry and vacuumed and the house just became clean instantly!

  3. Nothing like order to bring about a sense of peace, says she who was drowning in a mountain of ironing and a chaotic home, all of which was finally sorted in between packing for a holiday ... madness!

    I love the book illustrations I will have to see if our library stocks it.

    San xx

  4. I always enjoy my "visits" with you, Shirley Ann. Your photos are so lovely and peaceful.
    Much love,


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