Friday, June 06, 2014

Time and Happiness

** 6/6/2014 Update: Looking through my past posts, I found this one which is a whole lot of my personal thoughts on happiness. I found reading through this post that my thoughts still ring true for me :o). Blessings to you all this Friday**

I am about to share some personal mumblings which are usually lessons I have had to learn the hard way -lol

It seems that so many people spend a whole lotta time searching for happiness, for a little while, I could be counted amongst their numbers.

 December was a bit of struggle for me to be honest. With a second move in a year and the thought of having to once again establish a life and all that it entails lying before me, well, the task just seemed too much at times! The brooding weather seemed to match my brooding mood on some days. I started thinking, 'If only...then I would be happy', or 'If I .... then I would be happy'.
I have been working through a wonderful little devotional, the second in a series which always seems to speak to me right where and when I need to hear. Again God spoke to me and reminded me that 'happiness' is not a goal to be won, but a by-product of a life well spent! Did you get that? It is quite profound when you think about it. Circumstance, location, the perfect this or that - it's not a quick fix to attaining 'happiness'.

This little devotion shares a beautiful Old English Prayer, which offers up some simple instruction for enjoying our lives - gifted to us by God. Take time to read this prayer and let the simple words sink in.

Take time to work, it is the price of success.
Take time to think, it is the source of power.
Take time to play, it is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take time to read, it is the foundation of wisdom.
Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness.
Take time to dream, it is hitching your wagon to a star.
Take time to love and be loved, it is the privilege of the gods.
Take time to look around, it is too short a day to be selfish.
Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul.

For me the most profound line was -'Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness'. When we give of ourselves, our time, a kind word, our hospitality, a smile - we are giving joy, but we are also receiving joy. When you spend time sowing into others - you receive a great gift of joy and happiness. When you have spent a lovely afternoon visiting with a friend - don't you feel relaxed and joyful. Simple fellowship! Did you notice that we need to take time to give in some way, then we reap?

This morning I put this principle into action, even though I felt a bit intimidated, a little apprehensive - but I was rewarded with a friendly phone call, a introduction to a whole group of wonderful people nearby and the possibility of a well suited new church family.

Now looking back, I can't believe I spent so much time in a woeful state, when all I needed to do was seek God for His wisdom and advice. I wonder if I will ever learn! Perhaps not - which is why it is just as well I serve a mighty, loving and patient God!


  1. Lovely thoughtful post. thanks for this Shirley. It is sound wisdom for all to heed.

  2. Moving is extremely stressful and difficult. I am so happy for you to have found a group of wonderful people!! Love the prayer too :)

  3. Your thought process sounds similar to mine recently, when I realised that we can be victorious in the middle of our circumstances, not just when we come out of them! I was doing the same thing as you, and thinking, 'if only...'. I like what you said about happiness being a by-product of a life well-spent.


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