Thursday, June 05, 2014

Music Appreciation...

** I thought that I would follow up my old Art Appreciation post with one on Music Appreciation or Composer Study. This post was written in 2011 but we still use the same method - it works for us :o). Enjoy the post. **

...our way, inspired by Charlotte Mason ;o)

I have to admit that I have not made any concerted effort to include Composer Study into our weekly learning. There is no reason other than we are a family who have a very wide range of musical tastes, the classics being amongst them.

I approach our music appreciation in a similar way to Picture Study. I will pop on some Strauss or Vivaldi or whoever, while we work on our nature journals, or art projects. If we are going to be in the car for a loooong drive, we always make sure that one of the CD's we bring along has a nice mix of classical music.

Our music appreciation does not happen in a set lesson, it happens within the context of life for us. It works! My children are able to recognize pieces that they are familiar with, they even get excited when Bach's 'Cannon' is played - a family favourite!

The girls are familiar with Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. I thought today we would focus on the 'Autumn' arrangement, (yes, appropriate for the season)  - with a little visual treat to go with it. YouTube has once again brought a little something extra to our studies. We loved the beautiful autumn images which popped up to compliment the music. Once we had listened and 'ooooed' and 'aaaaaahhhhed' - Ms V-L dashed upstairs to retrieve our Vivaldi CD from....her bedroom!

 I was quite amazed. I had no idea that she had taken this CD upstairs to her room for personal pleasure! So not only am I amazed - come to think of it - but also really quite chuffed! It just goes to show that a relation has been formed by our relaxed and simple way of listening to music if my 13 year old has chosen to include this, along side more contemporary artists! I love it!

So, may I encourage you to include an appreciation of the classical composers - your way!


  1. "Our music appreciation does not happen in a set lesson, it happens within the context of life for us."
    This is just the way enjoy music appreciation too! Isn't it just wonderful when these things intergrate themselves so naturally into a child's repetoire.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful video clip :)

  2. Great idea, I will show it to my kids this week hopefully!

  3. same here ;)

    but do your girls somehow ever learn the names of the pieces?

    we all get very familiar with each composer's music itself, but months later, don't remember which composer it belongs to...

    thanks for submitting this to the cm blog carnival!

    amy in peru

  4. I love your approach. Isn't it wonderful that we can trust our children to appreciate words, art and music with gentle exposure!

  5. Shirley Ann! Fall is my absolute favorite season, too!
    I love where you tell about your daughter taking the cd to her room. This has happened here a few times, too, and it's such a good thing.

    Happy Fall- loved the video and music.

    Admiration, Hope and Love,



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