Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Things...

Today I am popping in to share two things that have made my day today. Firstly the market...

We live in the old market town of Chesterfield. Chesterfield received it's market charter from King John in 1204 - and here we are centuries later still shopping in the cobbled market square. I love the sights and sounds of the market. Stallholders calling out their prices, the hub-bub of market days, the array of colours from fruit, veg and flowers that beg for your attention. The array of stalls and wares, yes, I love visiting this vibrant market and feel blessed that I can do so.

Another 'happy'... Peony's from the garden.

They have a lovely delicate fragrance and the most beautiful HUGE heads. I'm not the only one who loves this flower, as I was cutting a few for indoors, I noticed a rich insect life thriving in the flower heads and along the stems - who can blame them? :o)

Sending you all happy, peaceful Friday wishes :o)


  1. You're talking about ants, right? Yes!! It's true... peonies can't or don't open their blooms as well without them.

    It's the pros and cons of peonies. They are one of my most favorites of flowers. Yours are a beautiful color. Wow!!

    Oh - and I love your market square... with the cobblestone street.

  2. Yes - ants Bevy. I did NOT know that the ants were so important to the blooms opening! That is fascinating - thanks for letting me know :o)

  3. 1204--wow!--what a rich history your market square has. It look like a wonderful place to visit.

    Your peonies are so beautiful. I love that last photo--the detail in the veining of the leaves, along with the deep cerise of the blooms, is stunning.

    Happy Friday! : )

  4. I love the way they smell!

    What a neat market, and the history. Our markets here in Ohio are usually in a parking lot somewhere :)

  5. Peonies are my very favourite flower! I love the colour of yours :)

    The market is wonderful! We have open markets here in Victoria but they aren't as rich with heritage and tend to have more stalls of handiwork etc. than fresh fruit and veg. Looks like a lovely place to shop.

    So glad I've found your blog through Dawn's....I've really enjoyed my visit!

  6. oh that peony! My gram's favorite flower and they always remind me of her. Lovely photos and yay for the market being available! I think ours is as well but haven't been yet.


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