Thursday, May 08, 2014

Gardening in the Rain...

It's wet and rainy in my neck of the woods today. For the past 3 rather lovely days my seedlings have been pleading with me to get them into the ground and for the past 3 lovely days I have been telling myself that I really will do it 'today'.

Well needless to say all my good intentions did not actually get them into the ground on any of those 3 lovely days,  it was today - wet and rainy today - that I decided to actually get my A into G and plant them out :o)

So into the veggie patch went:

10 Pea plants
7 Tomato plants
12 Broccoli plants...

Planted in situ:

25 more onions
10 beetroot plants

Still to go in but now living outside in the rain:

 10 climbing bean plants

and 10 cucumber plants -
 although these I think I will pot on as they might need to live in the conservatory as they like warmer climes than what England can offer :o)

Coming along rather nicely...

My foxgloves are developing lovely flower stalks, one looks like it might be in bloom in the next week or two.

And my Hydrangea's that I have grown from little slips taken last autumn are doing exceptionally well!

I have no idea where they will live when they are a bit more grown up, but I am so pleased that they have grown so!

So much is happening outdoors at the moment. I love how spring just suddenly takes hold and there is no stopping until we reach summer.

Anyhoo - hope you have all had a lovely Thursday - Friday tomorrow and the start of the weekend - I for one am looking forward to that ;o)


  1. I planted spring vegetables mid-April, and I have noticed that just in the past weeks they are really beginning to grow. Your garden is looking lovely; I hope it has a good year. I would never have thought of growing hydrangeas from cuttings--what a great idea, and they are doing so well!

  2. We are just trying to decide what as survived the winter with our spring blooming plants. Our Hydrangea is alive! but our butterfly bush might not be....time will tell. Love seeing your garden, as always.


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