Monday, May 26, 2014

**A Children's Book Giveaway**

Hello and Monday greetings to you all :o)
Today I have something for you - a giveaway! If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you will know that I write a monthly review for The Curriculum Choice - a great website that review homeschooling curriculum.
If you want to know anything about curriculum, that is the place to visit and find out a bit more before you buy! I have written a couple of reviews over my time at The Curriculum Choice on some lovely books published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books.
They have some great books out that make good additions to any homeschoolers library. Recently they were kind enough to give me three books to review and giveaway from them. Two of those books I have reviewed for The Curriculum Choice (the 2nd of which is due to be published in June - I'll let you know so you can hop over and enter the giveaway), and one book that I am going to tell you about right here on Under An English Sky.
So let me tell you about 'Tell us a Story, Papa Chagall'.

This is a really sweet little book suitable for younger children, I'd say ages 3-7 perhaps. It is a story, a biography actually, about Marc Chagall, a wonderful Jewish artist who told stories in paint.
In this book, Marc Chagall's twin grandchildren visit him in his studio, they beg him to tell them a story. As you know, grandma's and grandpa's have simply WONDERFUL stories to tell ;o)

Papa Chagall tells the twins the remarkable story of his rags to riches journey. He tells them of his humble beginnings in a 'topsy-turvy' village in Russia. He came from a poor family, but they were 'the happiest family in the whole of Russia.'
The twins learn of their grandfathers love of painting and how he painted just about everything he saw, but Papa Chagall does not paint ordinary paintings, his are quite extra-ordinary! So much so that he is given a place at art school!

Papa Chagall continues to lead his grandchildren along the path of his life, through the dark years of war, and into the happier brighter years of Southern France.
This is simply a delightful book to share with little ones, one that is certain to capture their attention. It is beautifully and colourfully illustrated, a great little treasure to add to your homeschool library!

Now for the 'How To' in entering. This giveaway is open to anyone - I am happy to post anywhere so just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below - it's as easy as pie ;o)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Oh, I just love the Anholt Artist books! We just read Cezanne and the Apple Boy, because our artist this term is Cezanne, and we have the Monet one to pick up at the library tomorrow, even though we finished Monet a few months ago. They are such a great way to introduce young scholars to artists personally, as we enjoy their work - thank you!

  2. I love all the art biography books in the Laurence Anholt series! I would love to have this one in our library too! To say a favorite children's book is SOOOO hard, there are so many! But, one is The True Princess by Angela Hunt. Have a wonderful week!
    P.S. Please join our link up today if you have time :)

  3. we Love the curious George books

  4. My favourite children's book - I have so many. I would say I love you forever.

  5. I always loved brown brown what do you see book

  6. My son loves all the Topsy and Tim books at mo


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