Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Come Tour Our Church With Me...

I absolutely LOVE our church - for so many reasons. We have a wonderful Vicar who clearly loves the Lord and delivers an excellent message week after week. The congregations is friendly, inclusive, and just plain lovely. We have a vibrant and active parish life and to top it all off, the building it's self is exquisite - it is a privilege to worship here.

Welcome to a tour of St. Peter and St. Paul Church in the village of Old Brampton, England...

Yesterday evening was so lovely that I decided it was the perfect evening to snap some shots. We were at church anyway as we were dropping off the girls for bell ringing practice. As you can see in the shot above they are running up the path as we were slightly late at dropping them off. The bells were already pealing :o)

I love all the gravestones - we walk through history each time we come to church, how cool is that? I think the oldest headstone we have found is from the 1700's. Amazingly the daffodils are still doing quite well in the churchyard - all ours in our street have died back already.

St. Peter and St. Paul was built in the 1100's. Isn't that incredible? Still standing and looking wonderful after centuries.

Above is the little path that we usually walk up for the Sunday Mass.

And this path takes us to the Old School House where we have tea and coffee after church and any other small meetings. Look how patiently my darling husband is waiting for me as I snap away :o)

This is the Old School House - cute hey? This is where we usually park when we drop off the girls for bell ringing practice and when I come for choir practice.

Before we go inside, these two graves caught my eye. They are packed with blooming bluebells - I think I would like this on my grave one day.

Now come around to the entrance, you can still see the Easter flowers that are now looking rather sad.

Now these next three pictures are not mine as the lighting at dusk is not great. Instead I found some pictures through a google image search, so all credit to the photographer 'Kinderbill' for these lovely shots of our church.

Inside we come, I love all the stained glass. Every window is stained glass and each one a masterpiece. DH and the girls usually sit on the left...

and I sit here (above picture) with the choir. My pew is the top right one, that's where all us sopranos sit LOL

Here's a picture taken from the back of the church, you can see the entrance and the font right ahead. Those big black pipes you see behind the back pews are the central heating pipe which work quite well most of the time. The trick in very cold weather is to grab a pew seat at the deepest side of the pew bench as the central heating pipes run down the bottom and give you lots of lovely warmth on icy cold days ;o)

Well friends, thank you for joining me on a tour of our church, I do hope you enjoyed having a little peek into just one of the wonderful churches of England.


  1. Lovely, lovely! What a beautiful church--the buildings, history, grounds, stained glass windows, stone and woodwork, everything! I so enjoyed this tour, Shirley Ann; what a nice idea.

    I sing soprano in my church's choir, too. : )

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful church! What a blessing to visit there each week, in many ways :)

    1. Absolutely Jes - blessed in many ways :o)

  3. you are so lucky to have a church with history. My church was built in the late seventies? or so. The original one burned down :( Love graveyards and flowers together and the little paths!!

    1. I guess living in a country as old as England you are more likely to have an old church than new ;o) - although having said that most of the old ones are Church of England or Catholic.

  4. Wow! what a beautiful place to worship. I, too, like those bluebells. :)

  5. What a gorgeous church! It is exactly (from my American point of view) what an English church should look like! :)

  6. What a beautiful, historic place! So nice to hear you have a good congregation and a vicar who loves Christ! What a special place to be!


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