Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aprils End

Well it's not long now until April passes the baton onto May. Although I am looking forward to summer this year, I don't want to rush what April has to offer. April has lived up to her reputation from the little rhyme 'April showers brings along May's flowers'. It's been a lovely month balanced with showers and sunshine - lovely!

Today has been another typically English day in it's weather, cloudy with sunny spells - but pleasantly comfortable in temperature. I am loving all the spring wildflowers that are thriving in my garden and along the waysides at the moment, although dh is not loving my 'wildflowers' so much. All he sees when he casts his eye around the garden and sees a sea of yellow Dandelions is the spread of more more weeds in his beloved lawn LOL.

The Camellia is showering the lawn with pretty pink petals - it makes my heart smile :)

The kitchen garden is slowly beginning to fill up - I'm sure that this year I am going to need another bed dug - dh is assuring me that it will all {have} to fit in the beds we already have :o)

I have built some wigwams and  planted the Mange Tout - it's taken very well and I am looking forward to seeing the wigwams covered in pretty flowers in a month or two.

The birds are singing away right now and the sun peeking out again - England sure is lovely in the sunshine!

Have a lovely Thursday everyone.


  1. Lovely, can just imagine being there.

  2. I love when you give us a tour of your gardens, so pretty! We are only just seeing the daffodils flower around here.


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