Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday's Wonderful Musings...

I am loving these high pressure weather systems that are hanging over England at the moment! They bring such glorious weather - a very welcome change after the VERY wet winter we have had. Of course, because our winter was so wet it did mean that it was very mild which in turn is ushering in Spring much earlier than last year!

Yesterday afternoon was particularly gorgeous. There was a soft hazy look about it which was so peaceful. As I walked around the garden (noticing that the lawn is in desperate need of a cut!) I was drawn to the rather badly placed willow-looking shrub that is in the middle of the garden - all by itself, I really do not know why anyone would have thought to place it there, but anyway - in the quiet of the afternoon, I heard the buzz of busy bees come from this shrub so I went to investigate. I do love pottering around my garden on sunny days :o) 

Aah! I see the attraction. The little pussy-willows are heavy with pollen - perfect spring pickings for busy bees!

Back in the conservatory - a place that I am spending oodles of time in these recent days - I have made good progress with my stitching.

I just have the bottom of the saucer to complete and then it's onto the back stitching to flesh the design out. I can't wait to turn this into a sweet little cushion for this sunny room :o)

Have a lovely Wednesday and blessings to you all...


  1. We had weather in the high 50's the past few days, the snow is melting but it's still out there! I walked with a light jacket and it's been wonderful to be outside comfortably :)

    your garden looks inviting and beautiful :)

    1. I'm hoping that DH will cut the lawn this weekend which will make it truly inviting :o) I am glad to hear that your snow is melting finally - we didn't get any snow this winter :o( - well, none to get excited about.

  2. It's lovely where I live, too! About four years ago, I was in England in March, and the weather was delightful. Everyone we met would mention how lucky we were to have such weather on our visit!

  3. They were quite right! Last year March we had loads of snow and it was still freezing! This year we have had a very mild winter so right now I am feeling lucky to be enjoying an early spring. Long may it last!

  4. I love pussy willows; they remind me of my childhood as we had some in our backyard. I love the cross stitch.

  5. I can hardly believe how amazingly spring-like everything is over there already! We are only just beginning to thaw. I am jealous of your pussy-willows; I haven't seen some of those since I was a little girl! Lovely!


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