Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day

Today is the feast day of st Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Now of course I am not Irish, nor have any Irish decent, but I love to take the opportunity that these feast days present to learn a bit more of great Christians of the past and of their faith. We often read a Christian biography after our Bible time in the morning, today we will read about St. Patrick. I have chosen to read his story from 'Our Island Saints' which is free to read on Mainlesson.

I find it interesting when reading about the saints at how often the story grows into something quite astounding - like St. George and the dragon, or St. Patrick and the snakes - these saints are often given astounding 'powers' to increase their saintship I suppose. We always discuss how stories past on about brave Christians past can tend to grow and be expanded on. 

So to mark this feast day we will:

*Read the story of St. Patrick as mentioned earlier
* Have Shepherds pie for supper tonight
*Perhaps do this craft if time allows

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who celebrate their Irish roots :o)

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