Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Lenten Journey Begins...

Well ... it began last week of course, but I've just managed to get my act together to post about it now!

Last week saw the start of Lent. In our home we had a pancake dinner on Tuesday, the girls followed that up with pancake dessert at Youth group that evening. I picked them up smelling like candy and both with rather sore stomachs! 

Wednesday was crazy hectic. We didn't even get to the Ashes service - which I was really sad about - next year I am going to block off that day to ensure that we get to attend this lovely service.

All was not lost however, I have my Anglican Prayer Book which has the Lenten readings, so on Ash Wednesday morning, our Bible time centred around those scriptures and we discussed what we were going to do this Lent. Most Christians give something up during Lent, this year we thought that it would be better to take something up. We have each decided to resolve to spend time reading the Word and in prayer each day - I mean individually. We always have our Bible Devotions and prayer time together, and I have my own personal quiet times, but as we chatted about sacrificing more of our own time we thought it would be a great chance to try and get those personal quiet times established. This idea came from the girls themselves.

So each of us is armed with a Lenten Path Calendar - which you can print off here - and some purple stars. Once we have had our personal time in the Word of God and in prayer, we stick a purple star on our pathway.

They have also decided to give up harsh words - and so far so good. I'm not saying that we have little angels around, but I can see much effort in stopping themselves from speaking harsh words and trying to be more patient with one another. I am implementing the 'Sacrifices and Good Deeds' bean jar which we did last year. Each time I see them sacrifice harsh words for instance or offer to do something kind for someone else (or each other) they get a broad bean put in the jar. On Easter morning all those dry beans are 'transformed' into colourful jelly beans - a real treasure that has been stored up!

Some Lenten Links...

Have you noticed that I updated my right side bar with Eastertide books and resources? I am personally using 'Lent for Everyone, Matthew Year A' by Tom Wright as my daily devotional, (links on my sidebar), so far so good. 

Check out my Easter and Lent Pinterest board for some great ideas floating around there in blog-land. I have put this board on my right sidebar too if you are interested.

I thought this post from Dawn of By Sun and Candlelight was great. She shares her idea to help her son count down the days of Lent to Easter.

And lastly, Lacy from Catholic Icing has a great round-up of Lenten resources and ideas to use with your children. Even if you are not Catholic but like to observe the liturgical year, I would pop over and see what she has to share. She has some new Lenten posts here and here which you might enjoy having a look at.

Blessings in Christ

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