Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Colour Wheels

I've been doing a bit more stash-busting this week :o) I found a cute little garland to add to my growing collection.

This project was quick, easy and fun.

This little garland now has it's home on the school cabinet...

Reading: The Gardeners Year by Alan Titchmarsh

It's a downright miserable day here today, it's cold, grey and raining - not the type of day you want to be gardening in! But this book allows me to dream of warmer, sunnier days filled with blooming flowers and growing vegetables. I'm hoping to get some succession planting done this year so that our garden is more productive that last year. I'm a novice gardener, so each new year brings a new learning curve :o)

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along


  1. It's snowing again! We have about six more inches and now sleet. Love your wheels and they go with your decor :)

  2. Such a cheerful garland! I've been reading up on gardening, too, and dreaming of digging in the dirt. It's cold and windy here today (below 20 F), and snow is on it's way they say. We've had very little this year, so I say, let it snow!

  3. Your garland is adorable!! Snow here too, and not to get above freezing all day, making it the perfect day to dream of gardening in the soon-to-come spring!


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