Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Knitting Notebook

Well not much knitting has been getting done around here this week. I am in-between projects at the moment. I finished DH's Weekend Sweater quite a while ago, but have not posted a finished pic yet, so here it is ...

and I have finished off the first sock that has been on my needles for - well, I dare not say it's so embarrassing! Lets just say that it was on the needles for waaaaay longer than any poor sock should be expected to be strung on needles for!

I think I might need some new yarn to inspire me ;) - yes, I think I will shopping for a little inspiration.

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Reading: I finished 'The Shop on Blossom Street' in three nights! I know! I just could not put it down. I got so sucked into the lives of the characters. I have moved on to the second book 'A Good Yarn'. I'm reading this at a much slower pace - mainly because I'm pretty much beat at the end of the day what with nursing a recovering husband :)

Now I am off to see what others are knitting and hooking in this weeks Yarn Along. Perhaps I shall find a little inspiration there :)


  1. I love his sweater, great fit and a great neutral color that will go with anything. I'm on my second sock as well. It's going slowly at the moment because I'm knitting on other projects.

  2. I love Debbie Macomber's books............and I don't even knit!

  3. Fit's him perfectly! I haven't the courage to try 'man' sizes sweaters or socks for that matter, just yet.

  4. Amazing projects!

    I want to read it, I hope I'll find it soon.

    Here's my WIP:

  5. So glad you loved The Shop on Blossom Street. The whole series is excellent. Great sweater for you husband.


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