Monday, January 13, 2014

Week-end Loves

Here we are at the start of a whole new week. Life is good! Although these winter days lack enough daylight - I do enjoy how alive the biting cold makes me feel! I know that might sound kind of weird LOL - but it is good to get out of my heated house a little each day, get my body moving and feel the fresh air nipping, breath in that healthy clear air - lovely!

On Sunday we woke up to a hard frost.We have not had many frost's this winter so far, so I took the opportunity to catch some of natures' ice art' on camera.The sun was just coming up over the horizon painting the sky pink. Hearing the crunch of the frozen ground underfoot brought a small joy to my heart. Loving the simple things in life is good :)

I was inspired to use Jenny from Elefantz little backstitch stitchery. This was a quick make and a rather useful little addition to my sewing basket! 

 and lastly, I enjoyed watching this guy eating off one of the feeders in the garden...

Isn't he so pretty? He and his hens come and visit us every day. We have to be very quiet and stealthy in watching them as they are rather skittish. We are seeing lots of visitors at the feeders at the moment. I noticed on a recent nature walk that most of the berries are now gone, so we are entering the 'lean' time now - all the more reason to make sure that our bird feeders are well stocked!

I am beginning to feel some gardening stirrings! Oh it's far too early yet I know - but I thought that I might just take a walk through my local nursery sometime soon and be inspired.
Picture from Google Images

 Last year I really wanted to plant a few 'Lenten Roses' (Hellebore's) in the garden - but just did not get round to doing it. Now is the perfect time to plant a few and enjoy their blooms during these winter days leading up to Easter. 

Are you doing any gardening dreaming yet?


  1. Love the pink skies and the stitching. Such beauty while I visit your blog :) not dreaming of gardening yet :)

  2. What gorgeous photos and lovely goings-on! My church has Lenten roses planted around the property, and I always look forward to seeing their blooms.

  3. Love it!! Will have to share the pic on my blog, Shirley. :-)

    And your nature

  4. Such beautiful winter pictures!!!! The sky is never more beautiful than in this season!

  5. Love pink skies...beautiful. What a breathtaking view you have.


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