Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This and That...

Today has dawned cold, wet and grey. My garden is like a marsh and it seems like spring is forever away. However, during this time of year I always try to chase the winter blues away with splashes of spring colour. As soon as I spot Daffodils in the store I scoop them up to brighten my home.

 I have two little bunches on the kitchen windowsill which are just starting to open up, and a bunch in the conservatory which are lagging behind a bit - probably due to how much colder that part of the house is. 

I have been doing a bit of stash busting this past week and crocheting a few squares and knitting a little baby jumper or two for the Knit-a-Square charity. They provide a little warmth to the little Aids orphans in South Africa during winter. I have quite a bit of yarn left over from past projects so I am going to do a few more squares, jumpers and hats before I post off my little package.

The Big Garden Bird count was much more successful for us this year. I think that it helped that I 'starved' the birds until I was ready to sit down and begin my count LOL. Once the food was out they flocked to the feeders. I have finished my journal page and am fairly happy with the way it turned out with the exception of one rather out-of-proportion bird!

I do love keeping journals! I love looking over them years later. I keep two journals, my nature journal - which I really do want to be a bit more regular in recording my observations - and a daily journal, where I record all sorts of things like thoughts, lists, sudden inspirations - just about anything and everything! I love making these journals pretty by pasting in magazine clippings of things that inspire me, perhaps even a recipe or two that I want to try out. I usually add my own drawings and paintings to my pages too :o) - in one of my journals from the past, I noticed that I drew loads of cat related sketches. Clearly the antics of my cats had captured my imagination :o) Reading through this particular journal has been like a trip down memory lane - we were still living in South Africa at the time and the cats that inspired me had to be re-homed. I'm so glad now that I have these journals packed full of pleasant thoughts and memories !

Do you keep a journal of any sort? Do you fill them with things that inspire you, things that mark your days?

Right - time to get going with my day. May your's be filled with lots of lovely simple pleasures.


  1. love your journals :) I have a diary of sorts I write in every day, then I have a free writing journal, and a journal that I collect quotes in and what I've seen in nature. So three of them!!

  2. Your bird journal pages are lovely. I have been trying to be more faithful about sketching in my nature journal. Your knitting and Daffodils are lovely. I like your home journal too. I have been writing what happens, the weather, funny sayings, bird spottings, etc. In my daily calendar this year.

  3. I love your nature jounals, thanks for sharing!

  4. Where did you get that lovely nature journal? It's beautiful!

    1. Hi Heather,
      It is a lovely journal - I picked it up years ago in a craft store where crafters would rent shelf space and display and sell their makes. Since then we have moved countries and I regret not having bought a few more to stash away for future projects!

  5. Thanks Shirley...I wonder if we could bind one like it ourselves. My daughter loves book making!


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