Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Seasons First Snow

How funny! As I was putting together the post of our OHC time where I was saying that we had had NO snow yet, guess what happened? YIP - it started snowing!

 Not just a few little flakes, but big huge settling ones. Now we know that our pretty white garden wont last long because we are expecting more rain this afternoon, but what joy we all felt. February and March are England's snow months, so we saw this - our first snowfall - as a promise of {hopefully} what is to come :)

I love the contrast of spring Daffodils with winter snowflakes :)


  1. love your pictures of the snow! :) We got some snow this week, too. My girls are happy. Our temperatures are below freezing most days this week!

  2. yay for snow and I do love the daffodils in front while the snow tumbles down in the background :)

  3. The snow and the daffodils are beautiful together. We have had a ton of snow this winter in Delaware! It is my childrens first real winter and they are loving it. :o)


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