Monday, January 20, 2014

Quiet, Peaceful Moments

What I love about my blog is that it is a place that I can record that which is special to me. Capture moments that inspire me, that bring me peace and joy, forever recorded so that I can remember. A journal of a life - my life. One that perhaps one day my children will enjoy looking through and reading.

Today I want to capture this time - right now. Sitting in the sun-filled conservatory, listening to the birds singing their hearts out, watching them as they fly to and fro to the feeders.

Today I want to remember how the sun is warming my face, the smell of my gingerbread latte, the way the day - today - looks, feels and smells.

I want to remember how the sun is making the now wet grass after last nights frost glitter like a million diamonds. How the moors in the distance are softened by the mist that has not completely lifted today.

I want to remember seeing the delicate furry buds on the magnolia tree, the indoor spring bulbs that are growing day by day. I want to remember watching my cats stretching out in the sunlight, loving the gentle warmth.

Today I want to remember the peace I felt as I sat in my new rocking chair - gifted to me by my dear friend Ruth. How it looks and feels draped in a crochet blanket that I made. I feel blessed - so blessed.

Today I want to remember that it is the small and simple things that brought joy to my heart. Reading a new magazine, listening to the background noises that make a home. 

For me, life is all about loving the simple things, enjoying those rare moments of peace and calm in a wonderfully busy life. It's about loving God, loving my family, living this precious life that God has blessed me with mindfully, carefully and with purpose.

:) - May your today be filled with love, peace, and simple pleasures.

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  1. I love this post. I've been going through a blogging identity crisis in the last few months now that we no longer strictly homeschool. Your words remind me that, although I cherish my reader friends, my blog was initially supposed to be an outlet for me and a record of our family life. And it will stay that way.


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