Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Yarn Along - Autumn Notebook

A BIG Congratulations to Ginny and her family on the birth of her baby boy! I'm not sure that she will be posting a Yarn Along post - but who can blame her when she has a beautiful newborn to snuggle?
Joining Ginny today over at Small Things

I have so SO many projects on the go - and I am loving it! Of course I need far more time to spend on all my handwork than I have - but I think any crafter feels that way.

This is my first attempt at Fair Isle. I have been just itching to give it a go. This is destined to be a hot water bottle cover. I found working and carrying two yarns tricky at first, but the more I work on it and try various way's of holding the yarn, the easier it gets. Once I have got the hang of it through practicing on lots of smaller projects, I would love to knit a Fair Isle jumper.

I am also busy crocheting covers for jar-gifts that I am making for some special friends this Christmas. I am experimenting with different yarns to see what looks and feels best. I have finished one already - just 5 more to go!

I have used this free pattern off Ravelry.

I am still busy with DH's Weekend Jumper - that's evening work as less concentration is needed :o)

Reading - Still the same book as last week - to be honest I am staying up much later knitting or crocheting so find I only manage a page or two before I drop off to sleep :o).

Have a blessed day and I hope to be back here soon with a few peeks at some Christmas crafting I have been busy with :o)


  1. your hot water bottle cover is beautiful! Looks like you have fair isle knitting under your belt of techniques you've mastered :)

  2. Nice job on the Fair Isle! Such pretty colors and your tension looks nice and neat! :)


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