Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Christmas Adventure :: Review on an Advent Resource

I was a little taken aback to walk into one of my favourite home and craft stores at the beginning of this month and see a rather large section displaying Christmas wares of all sorts. Decorations, ornaments, tinsel - all the trappings of what Christmas is supposed to 'look' like.

Now don't get me wrong - I do love decorating my home, I love Christmas baking, I love the excitement that I see in the eyes of my children. But what I don't like is that this message is the only message that is pumped out from just about every direction during this season. 

As a Christian family, we purposefully set out to instill in our girls, the true meaning of this time. We make this a special and blessed time as we think of Jesus' birth, we carefully mark Advent as a journey towards the 25th where we remember our Saviours birth.

We have used various resources to help make this a special time in the past. One of the most precious resources we have used is Scripture Adventures: A Christmas Adventure. 

Now I know it is early days yet, but a request for Advent resources on one of our yahoo groups got me to thinking that I would love to review and share this resource with you.

Available: Currclick
Format: PDF instant download
Cost: £6.18

Ages: Family Product - all ages would benefit.

When using this resource, we set aside allot of our regular studies and focused on preparing our hearts over Advent. We used this program each day from December 1st to December 24th, discovering the story and customs behind this Christian holiday and how it relates to the birth of Christ.

This 93 page download is absolutely packed with:

  • Stories
  • Memory Verses
  • Crafts
  • Baking Recipes
  • Service Ideas
  • Hymns
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Handmade Gift Idea
and so much more!

While using this resource we have learnt about the meanings behind the symbols and customs of Christmas and how they relate to Christ. We learnt about how children from different countries celebrate Christmas. We sang Christmas songs, created stained glass ornaments and a scripture count-down chain (among MANY other fun crafts and activities).

From the choice of 26 Christmas recipes we made Crispy Christmas wreaths, Ornament Cookies, A Christmas Tree Cake and Rudolph’s Antlers. We read the scriptures for the story of Jesus’ birth and the reason for His coming. We used the wonderful notebooking pages to note down our heart responses. We completed word searches and read the delightful Christmas story of St Nicholas. We learned about a Pioneer Christmas which was especially dear to us as we are HUGE ‘Little House’ fans. This really struck a chord in my girls as they remembered a few Christmases that we ‘shared’ with the Ingalls family )

The 'Christmas Adventure' has truly been just that for us - and adventure! I feel blessed to have such resources available at the click of a button ;o)

If you want to download a preview of A Christmas Adventure just visit THIS link and click on the words 'full size preview' under the products image.

When purchasing your download you can choose to purchase the NKJ version or a NIV version which is great. I know that some people prefer to stick to one or the other when memorising scripture.

Do you have any special Advent resources that you use in your home? I would love to hear if you do.

Have a lovely day everyone ;o)

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  1. Oooh, that looks great. Most of the Advent 'programs' I've looked at are geared to much younger children (Ella's nearly 8). I think I might have to get this.



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