Monday, September 23, 2013


... Finish.
Having now past the point where the seasons 'officially' change, I was inspired this week-end to pick up an unfinished autumnal project I've been working on for far too long! 

This pretty cross-stitch pumpkin sampler is only a band or two away from being finished - perfect timing for it grace our home during this season! I am actually - ridiculously- quite excited about the prospect of finishing it. I have already made a start to decorating out home for the season with my lovely 'mums' which grace either side of our front door. This sampler will be hung in an embroidering hoop with some pretty ribbon as a hanger, taking the place of my crochet wreath. Small touches are added to our home throughout autumn - just because I do so love this season!

... Look Forward To.

Today I received an email from South African supplier telling me that Miss V-L's KONOS H.O.W curriculum is on it's way. I am so excited! During our homeschooling journey, KONOS has been our main curriculum - apart from our recent 5 months spent with A.C.E. 

Miss J-L will continue with the KONOS 3 volumes until she is ready to move onto H.O.W which will more than likely be next September. 

In the mean time we are loving learning with our old 'friends' - Llatl, Math-U-See, and KONOS. I am struggling to find a suitable science program for Miss V-L as she really has battled with Apologia. I think she finds it a bit too wordy. She really loves the A.C.E science, so we might just continue with that - unless anyone has any other suggestions?????? Would love to hear your opinions.

... Enjoy.

We went on a lovely walk with some new friends a few weeks ago. The place that we went to was a new place to us - we do love exploring our surrounds. Apart from the awesome views of rolling green hills and cute little villages, we found a field of barley which had not yet been harvested. The gate was open and we moved in just a couple of steps so that the children could see this grain crop up close.

We noticed lots of broken barley stalks where the farmers tractor had driven through and picked some up for our nature table - lovely! There is something quite peaceful about being in a ripening barley field!

... Enrich.

I have finally joined up with a woman's Bible Study at our church. For years I have been unable to attend a morning study as our season in life has not allowed for that. With small children and homeschooling, it was one of the things I had to let go - and sadly so for I was so built up in the Lord by these precious times with precious woman. Now that the girls are older, I am able to take them along with work to do. They have been wonderful and simply get on with their assignments while I fellowship and share in the Word with lovely godly woman. 

... Savour.

All around me leaves are changing. The beauty of autumn is slowly revealing itself to us. This is a time of year I love to savour, I don't want it to pass too quickly. I just want to be. To enjoy. To cherish.

Blessings in Christ...

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  1. Lovely cross stitch! I look forward to seeing it finished too! I'm tickled pink to have gotten an embroidery pattern for my birthday and haven't been able to put it down, so I understand how the finishing-spirit is all consuming!


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