Saturday, September 07, 2013

Autumnal Nostalgia

There is no doubt that Autumn is on it's way! Yipppeeee! I love this season more than any other. Our nature table has undergone a face-lift, our book basket has some autumnal books resting inside and I have ordered some more from the library and Amazon.

My blog has undergone a bit of seasonal decorating too :o). If you look at my right sidebar, you will see that I have updated my book baskets for the season. Above you will see all my autumnal pins that I have been collecting on Pinterest, and my banner reflects the season.

It is almost a full year since we moved into our darling house here in Chesterfield, and it seems like life has come full-circle - only due to the seasons *smile*. I am seeing berries on bushes that were there a year ago, my garden is once again reflecting some of the same things that were new to me last year. I see the hedge hinting at returning to it's russet autumn splendour, and the views across the valley bring about a distinctly reminiscent feeling! My daughter reflected the feeling having something to do with the air. 'It's got a..... dusty, wood-smoke smell to it mom.' she said this morning. I know just what she means and I instinctively smell and feel it too!

We have some exiting nature expeditions and nature crafts planned for this month - all in keeping with the season. As the girls are getting older and more capable, I am asking them to choose what crafts they want to do and to prepare for them.

One of their tasks this autumn is to plan and prepare for a Bonfire Night celebration some close friends. They are very excited with the idea of planning everything from invites to food and decor etc.

*sigh* Loving September at the moment!

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