Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Updating the FCS

I cannot believe that it is August already! This year has just rocketed by don’t you think? Here in our home my girls are enjoying their summer break – for me… well, there is not much time to indulge in too much frivolous time :o). I have been busy giving some attention to the somewhat neglected tools that I use that help to keep the home running smoothly. I’m talking about my FCS (File Crate System) and my Home Journal.

The FCS has been the most wonderful tool in helping me to stay organised. In a nutshell it is a plastic suspension file crate from Staples into which you place 6 suspension files. Into each suspension file you place two months’ worth of folders. Each week has it’s own folder, on the front I have stapled a page that is basically the week-at-a-glance. Inside each folder anything pertaining to that week is popped inside, any seasonal celebration or craft ideas I have printed out or clipped, any recipe, library reminder, doctor’s appointment – anything that needs my attention or that I might want to use is stored. What I love about this system is that because I have a years’ worth of folders, if I come across an autumn activity or nature craft that I want to do with the girls in June – I can print it off and pop it into Sept/Oct or November’s folders.
When I prepare the week’s folder, I will note down on the front any appointments, activities, celebrations, days of note, shopping lists, as well as any ‘To Do’s’ and so on. This becomes my central command station for the week.

Inside this week’s folder I have:

* printed directions to a friend’s house
* an Evening Sky Map for our OHC {this month we are focusing on the night sky and moon} I’m hoping that the cloud cover will clear enough so that we can do a bit of star gazing and learning some constellations
* I have a letter I need to respond to
*a few bills that have been paid but need filing away
*and finally a recipe for a lemon-curd cake with cream cheese frosting that I want to try.

 Everything that needs to be dealt with or that I might need for this week is in this folder.

This past week-end I had scheduled to update my FCS. I sorted through all of last year’s folders {my FCS runs from August each year so I have to update it end July}, throw away anything that I no longer need, file anything that needs filing, transferred a few things into the new folders. Things like Easter related crafts or baking I had printed off and might want to look at next year etc. Then I popped all the spent folders into the recycling and cleaned out the crate – it sure gets dusty over the year!

Next I pulled out my new {pretty green} folders – I do love new stationary  - and set about stapling a week-at-a-glance page onto each folder, labeling each week and of course popping the relevant clippings and print-offs into the specific file-folders for the future referral.

I have a few more suspension files in my FCS which holds our A.C.E tests, Score Keys and Answer Keys, as well as reports from our LEA liaison. Behind all my suspension files rests my Home Journal which is a great tool that holds all the nitty-gritties of running a home.

I was going to speak about both of these tools today, but I see that this is fast becoming a small novel-of-a-post! So I will keep the Home Journal for another day later on this week.

If you are thinking of setting up your own FCS why not read the FCS author’s post on setting up a FCS? She writes about it in Revamping the File Crate System.

If you would like to know more about using the File Folders you can read how Dawn uses them in Part 1 and Part 2 of her posts 'What's in Yer File Folder'. In fact if you have time, you could browse through all her FCS archives here.

Have a wonderful day :o), I'll see you back here very soon.

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  1. I first saw your FCS last year. Now I'm looking even closer. Hmmm, wondering if I"m ready to take the plunge and give it a try. I'll be back to re-visit this post soon. Thank you!


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