Friday, August 23, 2013

The August Home...

There seems to be a softer light of late! I haven't quite picked up that Autumn is on it's way yet, but the days are shortening and every now and then there is a hint in the air that nature is poised for change.
The August home is one filled with peace. Life seems to be holding it's breath before the busyness of harvest time.

In my garden, the flowering beds are looking faded, the sunflowers have finished blooming and their heads are heavy with seeds - just what I was wanting to feed my birds throughout the winter. Soon I will be able to pop paper bags over their heads and shake out an abundance of seeds :o).

The too few apples that were lucky to survive a horrible mold that attacked my apple trees are ripening nicely - in fact one has already been picked and enjoyed!

The strawberry plants are going crazy! Not only are they out of control with sending out runners, but they also seem to have hit a second flowering and fruiting season! No complaints here!

My little green pepper plants seem to have finally produced little fruit from their delicate flowers. Miss J loves peppers so I am hoping that this will be a successful crop and that nothing will steal it out from under our noses at the last minute!

The front door is now flanked by two gorgeous autumn coloured Mums. Oh I just love mums - they seem to scream autumn through and through. I plan to get a few more plants early September and have them in pots all along the front of the house.

Inside are some cheery mums brightening up the hearth. Soon the summer decor will be packed away and it will be time to decorate for autumn.

Our nature board has been added to - yesterday we found a baby toad. The girls kindly created a little 'pond' for him underneath the Gardenia bush, he promptly hopped away and hid under some leaves. We also spotted a Copper Under-wing moth. We add to our nature board all through the month - it is a lovely reminder of what we have encountered and helps us to Savour life, slowing it down ever-so-slightly :o)

Have a wonderful day friends, hope to see you here very soon ;o)

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  1. I love mums as well! There has been a shift of the light as well as a darkening of evenings both of which reminds me of things to come :)


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