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Monday Review :: Romans in Britain

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There is no doubt that the Ancient Romans have passed on a legacy that has pretty much shaped modern life as we know it. At the beginning of this year, we decided to delve into a bit of Roman/British History. We chose 'The Romans In Britain' lapbook by 'In The Hands of A Child'.

Title: The Romans in Britain
Publisher: In The Hands of A Child
Available: Currclick
Format: PDF Instant Download
Cost: £6.45 BUT marked down to £3.87 for the Back-to-school sale!! {offer ends 28 August 2013}
Ages: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13

We found this a fascinating study, especially living in England. There were so many things that we learnt that brought us to an 'A-Haaa' moment :o). 

As we worked our way through the lapbook, I found a couple of YouTube videos to really bring that time period to life for my girls. I would really recommend doing this with whatever topic you are going to be studying. What a great resource YouTube can be - my girls loved this 'media' side and I found that it spurred them on to a deeper interest in the Romans.

Interesting enough, there have been quite a few instances since completing this study that my girls have been able to say, 'Hey - the Romans brought that to us!'

Somehow lapbooking something just makes it a whole lot more fun and thus,  it seems, there is more retention of what we have learnt.

This 102 page project pack includes a 17 page research guide - all the work is done for you :o) - and 26 hands-on activities to help your children grasp the history of the Romans in Britain.

Research Guide

As I have shared in my other reviews, each project pack comes with a planned out schedule...

all the answers to your activities...

and instructions and photographs on how to put a lapbook together and what it could look like on completion.

Take a look at the Table of Contents to see what your children will be learning about:

If you would like to have a look at the publishers preview of this lapbook please click here and then click on 'Publishers Preview under the lapbooks image.

TIP: Use YouTube and some free [Roman related] online games to add a different dimension to your children's learning experience.

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