Tuesday, July 09, 2013

When the Sun Shines...

One of the great things about homeschooling is the freedom to mix it up a bit and change the feel of routine - just a little - just every so often.

Today, once again, the sun is shining bright, it is more than warm, I could even say hot! The weather report has said that today's temperatures are around 24/25 degrees C. I'm thinking they could be a little warmer. With such perfect summer conditions not coming around too often, I thought I would inject a little excitement into our lesson time.

I told the girls to pack up their books and head outside with me. We were going to finish our lessons under the shade of the trees at the end of the garden. I packed up some icy-cold juice and crisps, and off we went. I can't tell you how the girls bubbled! :o) It is a joy to throw a bit of fun into a school day.

Initally we were all quite distracted, we had the neighbours horses to gaze at...

The cats were very interested in us being out in the garden with them and padded across picnic blankets to see what the girls were up to...

Then they bounded away playfully, their antics begging us to watch them ...

before they settled down in the shade.

However a mama robin was NOT happy to have these felines around. I'm pretty sure that she must have babies around because she spent the entire time we were out there peeping furiously and trying to dive-bomb the cats :o)

Slowly the girls started to block out the distractions and finished up their work. True the day took a little longer to finish, but really, who minds on such beautiful days with so much loveliness around?

*Sigh*, these long, light summer days are glorious! Soon the summer break will be upon us and books can be packed away and we can spend loads of time picnicking  swimming, BBQing! I have been pinning ideas onto my 'All Things Summer' Pinterest board, and just as soon as school it out we can down to the serious business of having fun and squeezing out all summer has to offer! If you have a Pinterest board with some summer ideas I would love to have a look! Please do leave a link!

Now, I'd best go sort out some supper for the family ;o). See you again tomorrow for Yarn Along.


  1. Ah. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing your yarn along post!

  2. Not on summer break yet? Do you school year-round and then take breaks year-round too? Looks like you've had one lovely day as you near the end though! :)

    1. Almost there! Schools break up on the 23rd here in England. Although having said that I kind of do my own thing any way. We follow the school holiday calendar as a general guide. For long holiday stretches I play it by ear - if the girls start to make murmurings of boredom or squabbling I oblige their unspoken request and set them back to work :o)

  3. I used to love when our teachers would gift us a lesson outside, it was rare but memorable!! If I was a robin I'd be nervous too :)

    1. I remember those school days with much fondness too! Somehow lessons outside seemed magical enough to have stuck firmly in my memory bank of 'happy things :o)'


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