Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review:: The Great Ice Age Lapbook From In The Hands Of A Child.

Currclick has to be one of my homeschooling 'Bests!'

Over the years we have used some GREAT products in our homeschool from Currclick. I have found this an invaluable source of educational enrichment in our learning and all at a more than reasonable price! It gets better still! Once you choose your product, you can download and use it in as long as it takes you to hit 'download, save and print'.

Imagine your child has a subject that he/she is interested in and is desperate to learn more about it. Or a learning opportunity has by chance come across your path - not planned - but spontaneously, and suddenly interest is peaked and the window of opportunity is wide open for you to grasp. Often these opportunities can be lost, blown away on the wind as we wait until we can get to the library, or do a bit of research. At these times I have been able to take an hour or two to scroll through all the fantastic resources that Currclick has to offer and pop my resource into my online basket - one that suites my budget - and hit the checkout button. The next day we are ready to begin exploring and enjoying our new learning opportunity.

As we slip into holiday mode, my 'teacher' mind turns to thoughts of the new academic year. It is true that we have a 'boxed' curriculum in our home, one that works really well for us, but it is also true that we tailor this program to fit around our Charlotte Mason/Unit Study tendencies! I have already re-adjusted our schedule next year to run on a 4 day week for the boxed stuff leaving Friday gloriously free for Nature Study, Art and anything else that happens to grab our attention. These years are precious and I want our learning days to have an element of spontaneity. These days add to the precious memory bank in my children's lives.

Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share and review some of the lapbooks that we have bought off currclick and completed in our home this past academic year. I hope to share many more reviews from Currclick as we move through the coming year using more of their seasonally themed products. 
There are many MANY Publishers on currclick, but one of my favourites has to be 'In The Hands Of A Child'. We have really enjoyed every single lapbook we have done of theirs.

One of the great things about In The hands Of A Child products is that ALL the research and planning is done for you. You simply have to follow the timetable, read the relevant portions of the research and then complete the fun lapbook activities. This takes a tremendous amount of stress off you as the teacher and instead allows you to enjoy the process of learning along-side your children.

In 2012, my youngest daughter expressed an interested in the Ice Age. Now I must admit that I really don't know allot about this period so it was Currclick to the rescue. We bought  'The Great Ice Age'

The Great Ice Age

This Lapbook is suitable as is for Grades 4-8.
Each In The Hands Of A Child lapbook comes with a comprehensive schedule...


Instructions on how to put a lapbook together if you have never done so...

All the research...
and of course all the lapbook templates...

**Please Note: You can once browsing on through these products on the Currclick website, you can view all the pages pictured here by clicking on the 'Preview' button below your chosen product. **

Some of the things we learnt while doing this lapbook:

* Ice-age Animals {Mammoths, Saber-tooth Tiger, Mastodon, Glyptodont, Ground Sloth, Cave Lion}
* Neanderthal Man - their lifestyle, clothes, diet, hunting, preparing food etc.
* Causes of the Ice-Age
* Climate
* Ice Sheets, Glaciers, Glacial Geology, Geologic Features, Glacial Erosion, Glacial Till
* Extinction

As a Christian, it is important to me that subjects such as the Ice Age, Dinosaurs and Space  etc. are taught from a Christian worldview. I don't believe that science and God need to be at odds, and these products have perfectly explained things without using terms like 'billions of years ago' etc. 

I can highly recommend this particular lapbook. We had great fun completing it and learning loads of new things that we did not know before - that includes mom!

To buy this lapbook, visit here and enjoy many hours of learning and creating together :o)

 Be sure to click on the Currclick image at the beginning of this post or the one at the end to be taken to the site for lots of browsing and planning fun. I have a very looooong wish list already ;o)


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