Friday, July 12, 2013

July's Garden

Gran, this post is for you :o)

The air is filled with such lovely aromas from this bed full of phlox, alyssum and other bits and bobs. Sitting on the patio is lovely in the evening.

These Cornflowers smell lovely too - just wish I had planted more. I will remember that for next years summer garden.

The rambling roses provide a dramatic splash of colour in the vegetable garden and the hedges around the lawn have hidden dog-roses. The Blackberry brambles are in bloom too at the moment, can't wait for blackberry picking time again!

Speaking of the vegetable garden, things are going well for the most part. Everything is growing taller and stronger

Strawberries are ripening, being picked and enjoyed with breakfast cereal.

The tomato plants have their first flowers.

I have harvested beetroot and radishes already, and the lettuce is not far behind

The pumpkin plants have just exploded and we have our first little bud on the vine.

The summer pots of daisy's that welcome visitors at the front door are thriving.

as are the weeds!

We have generally been LOVING our veggie garden, but there is a dark cloud! That lovely little head of cauliflower I showed you in Junes Garden post... it - and many leaves - have been attacked and eaten! For the life of me I have not been able to find what is devouring my broccoli and cauliflowers. Today I spotted a new cauliflower head, although I am not going to get too excited, because we spotted these too...

We have not experienced much success with broccoli or cauliflower in the past and I feel ready to rip out the whole bed and plant more of what is thriving and doing well! I think I will have to adopt that famous British mantra ... Keep Calm and ..... feign ignorance? 

LOL - No, I think I will consult my very experienced and talented gardening Grandmother!


  1. Good luck with your pest control! I remember having the same issue with cabbages. I've never tried broccoli. Keep us posted!


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