Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Summer Days

We are officially finished with our 2012/2013 school year and it feel just wonderful to laze a little longer in bed in the morning knowing that our day stretches out before us, the hours free to fill as we please.

We are enjoying our third week of proper summer weather here in England and loving it. This week is slightly more overcast and humid, but still feels and looks like summer! The garden is thriving, in fact it seems like the plants are taking full advantage of the season and taking over every available space in their beds! I have had to pull up my cauliflower plants - what a complete failure! Apart from cabbage butterflies LOVING them and laying their little eggs all over them, the cauliflower heads seemed to reach for the sky and get all long and quite useless as far as eating goes. I tell you - they are not easy to grow - at least I don't find them an easy crop!

The delicate white cabbage butterflies are still around and are so pretty. Despite their unhelpful intents on my veggie patch I don't have the heart to feel angry at their presence - I really do find joy in seeing them flit about. My daughter was quite surprised at this, thinking that I would quite certainly be upset!
Butterflies Flutter By NaturExplorers Unit
In fact I am thinking of adding a nice butterfly study to our summer plans. Nature Study is such an enjoyment for us that we do not classify it as 'lessons'. I'm quite keen on trying out 'Butterflies Flutter By NatureExplores Unit' by Shining Dawn Books with the girls. It is the perfect summer unit study to do and it seems a pity to pass by the opportunity.

My pumpkin plants are creeping all the way through the rose-bed and is simply blooming with lovely big yellow flowers. They hold the promise of autumn fruit and I am so excited to see this development as I have lots of plans for those pumpkins!

I have been pinning some lovely ideas onto my 'All Things Summer' Pinterest board of late. {Just click on the picture to visit my board} Now is the time to start going through those pins and putting together some sort of summer plan. Nothing too hectic - just pure summer fun. With the weeks stretching before us, I know it is not going to be long before I hear, 'Mom, what can we do today?' I want to have some sort of loose plan formulated. Besides - moms should be in the business of assisting to create happy childhood memories *wink*

Whoops! Time is getting away from me. I have spent far too much time here writing reviews for Curriculum Choice and of course just checking in with you all here. The kitchen beckons - or should I say the children's stomachs beckon, if it were up to me in this heat I would ignore a beckoning kitchen! I think some light summer chicken/salad wraps and ice-cold Elderflower cordial are called for this evening!

See you back here very soon :o)


  1. Congrats on finishing a school year, and love the flowers!! I'm tired already of the heat and I've got a long way to go.

  2. The garden looks great. Love the peeking kitty!


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