Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Language Arts Helps!

Lets face it. English can be a tricky subject to master! Parts of speech, sentence diagramming, verbs, predicates - oh the mind boggles! When I find that things are just not going well with the books in front of us, I resort to 'fun learning', which usually involves an educational computer game or lots of hands on activities.

This brings me to bookmarks bar. On my bookmarks bar, I have a folder called 'Homeschool Helps'. Inside are lots of lovely links that we have used over the years to help us conquer such things as spelling, reading, vocabulary and grammar. 

I thought that I would share them with you - you might be in need of making learning a bit more light-hearted, fun even. Now we have not used all these resources at once, this is a list that has developed over the years. So pick and choose what is good for you.

Spelling City: This is a great free site where you can create your very own spelling lists for each of your children. There are numerous games that reinforce your pre-programed spelling words and helps your child ace his spelling test at the end of the week ;o)

Starfall: Another free program for kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 children who are learning to read with phonics.

Sheppard Software: has loads of great games to help children with various aspects of their language arts. Games with names like, 'Adjective Adventure', 'Verbs in Space' and 'Noun Explorer are sure to get your children begging to do their language arts :o)

Puzzle Maker: This I have used a couple of times when putting together my own unit study. I love to add a crossword activity or two and on this site you can create your very own. Just pop in the words that you want to use and the puzzle maker does the rest! Great stuff.

And a link to a wonderful blog I found via Pinterest called 'Not Just for Elementary'. In this post she has given lots of links for games for middle school language arts. I have not had time to sample or explore many, but plan to do so very soon! 

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