Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tales From the Garden

I'm not the only one who enjoys being out in the garden. I often watch our cats delight in creeping through the hedges and trying to catch bumble bees in the sunlight. When I am out in the garden the cats seem to get added joy and wind themselves around my legs or in front of my busy hands. Today I watched our silly little cat jump up onto one of the bird feeders and help herself to a snack...

What a silly girl! I chased her off after getting a couple of snaps, I'm sure bird food cannot be healthy for cats!

Today she was not put out with her scolding, she simply jumped down and flip-flopped in delight on the patio and then ambled off to smell the blooms :o)

It seems that our garden if finally waking up from it's winter slumber. I have discovered that I have a HUGE Forsythia in the back garden. I just love these shrubs and planted two small ones last weekend. So I was thrilled to see this lovely big established one popping out small yellow buds this week.

There are a few other trees in the back garden that I am watching with interest at the moment. Tiny pink blossoms are just about to peek out of their protective sheaths. I am hoping that perhaps they are fruit trees. This is one of the wonderful things about taking on a new garden - it's full of surprises.

Remember this tree...

Well today I noticed it's very first bloom breaking forth! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see this tree in full blossom. It is going to lend a rather whimsical look to the patio.

Today's garden tasks are to pot-on some of my pumpkin seedlings planted 2 weeks ago. They sure do grow fast once they have germinated. I can't believe that they are too big for there seedling tray already. DH has clearly noticed all the progress my seeds have made and mentioned this morning that he will to dig some beds for all of them next weekend.

So - it feels like spring is finally one her way to the Midlands. It certainly does wonders for ones state of mind!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...

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  1. You have a lovely garden and thanks for the walk about! I didn't know that cats eat bird seed ;)


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