Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hooky Loves and Dilemmas

My WIP that must, simply MUST be completed soon!
My head is full, FULL - I tell you of projects that I want to do. So full in fact that I - like my computer often does - I seem to have frozen! I am busy on a hooky project at the moment, one I am nearly finished with and feel I must plod along until it has reached it's completion. It is meant for a special family member and I have already missed my first deadline, and the 2nd deadline is fast approaching!

I have ordered in a whole lot of yarn in the most tantalising of colours (see 'Happy Things' for a peek) and can't wait to get stuck in. On Saturday the last bit of my order arrived, just look at those inviting colours.

Apart from the yarn I found the most beautiful crochet hooks - {Think along the lines of Lucy's here} - from Get Knitted and ordered one! It arrived with this scrummy yarn and I have to say I am LOVE'N it!

It is comfortable to hold, durable and glides through the yarn like a dream. There are many different designs, something to suit everyone I think :o)

Anyhoo, my new hook is certainly a huge motivating factor in getting the last little bit of the secret project done! I hope to be happily hooking something different very soon :o)

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