Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clear the Cobwebs!

Oh dear! This morning some members of our household woke up a wee but grumpy! I decided right then and there that we were going to take today and flip it on it's head a little - for the sake of peace and harmony :o)

As we are expecting similar weather patterns today as yesterday, (and in fact as I type this post, the sky is heavy and snowflakes are swirling, whirling, and being whipped all around the garden), I thought that it would also be a good time to take advantage of the sunny spell to get the girls out and clear their heads of those winter cobwebs!

I casually mentioned that perhaps we could keep our eyes out for some signs of spring - after all - it official arrival is only 9 days away! Hmmmm... take a look at what our 'springy' surrounds look like at the mo...

The temperatures were bracing to say the least, and the paths that we trod were decorated with snow and ice.

The ducks, geese, gulls and swans eagerly raced to meet us at the water's edge, hoping for a bite to eat. We did not disappoint them. There was quite a bit of competitive behaviour from all but the swans, who gently and patiently sat right in front of the children as they fed all the hungry fowl. Their good behaviour was rewarded :o)

Signs of spring are tentatively peeking through, but new buds are generally small and tight and to honest it all still looks to be the middle of winter. 

Daffodils are sprouting all up and down our street, waiting for warmer weather before they open up their flower heads - roll on warmer weather please! - it's, -1 at the moment! Brrrrr...

We picked a couple of twigs from budding trees to bring home and 'force'. It would be nice if they sprouted in time for Easter :o)

I'm pleased to report that our early morning walk worked a treat on the 'grumpies' and they have fled along with our brief spell of sunshine. Lessons are well underway and I am about to go and start cooking a warming lunch for us.

Have a wonderful - warm - day everyone.
Blessings in Christ...



  1. Lovely post! I enjoyed your thoughts and pictures, very much!


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