Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Winter Outside, Spring Inside :o)

More snowy weather for us here in Englands' Midlands. We woke this morning to a covering of snow and beautiful blue skies. As I glanced over the moor's I saw another snowstorm approaching - it was quite surreal really, blue skies above and that funny pinky/gray that spells snow approaching. Right now it is bucketing down, we cannot see beyond the end of our garden.  Severe weather warnings have once again been issued - it seems that we still have a long way to go before spring arrives.

However I've been feeling spring in my heart and this past weekend I spent some time sewing up a new spring inspired ruffle for the kitchen window.

Hot house daffodils are in all the stores at the moment and I could not resist buying a few bunches. Their colour and aroma are just heavenly, such a wonderful winter tonic. I love how the yellow stands out against the white snow.

and finally, I started this patchwork quilt 3 years ago. It hadn't quite turned out the way I wanted and I found that I was totally uninspired to finish it. This weekend I decided to turn it into a table cloth for the kitchen table. I'm pleased with the result and glad that I have managed to shelve one of those UFO's!


  1. It's very pretty as a table cloth, well done! I love winter but I will welcome spring when it does arrive. Until then bundle up!

  2. I'm hoping for just ONE big dump of snow around here...just one. After that Spring can spring itself on us.

    I like your quilt as a tablecloth. I've been here too with a quilt that never got finished due to un-inspiration.

    EVENTUALLY... I finished it... and raffled it off to make money for myself to go on a mission trip to Mexico. Oh, that was long ago.


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