Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to School Plans

Having grown up in a country where the start of the academic year is in January, I feel that each January is a new beginning for us in our school year - even though we now live in a country where the academic years starts in September! I just cannot get used to that. My internal workings seem to overwhelm my logic settings in January and I go into planning mode all over again. I actually get excited about 'back to school' day because of all the exciting things to do that are whirling about in my brain :o)

2013 - A new year! A new opportunity to begin with a fresh clean slate! It's like opening the page of a new journal - irresistibly inviting! (Have I mentioned that i have a weakness for stationary and new journals ? - LOL)

This year I am looking forward to lots more opportunities to put Charlotte Masons methods into action. I have just finished reading 'Pocketful of Pinecones' - AGAIN (3rd time and still could read it at least another 4 times :o). I was once again inspired to keep our schooling in line with Charlotte Masons ways. It is such a beautiful way of learning and rigorous - so no fear of this being a slackers choice!

 It must be working because in November we had a visit from our local EHE (Elective Home Education) consultant. I was nervous and excited about her visit. This was the moment that would either receive affirmation for what we are doing or a stern warning off! Well, I am pleased to say that our EHE consultant - apart from being a lovely woman - was so pleased with, in her words, ' the broad range of education', that our girls are receiving  She paid me the highest compliment a home educating mama can hope to hear, calling our home education 'a model of what home education should be.' 

No - we are not perfect or a model for efficiency - but by following Charlotte Masons methods gives one plenty of opportunity to ensure that we do in fact give a broad education to give our children. So with that encouragement  along with my inspiration fix, I want to continue expanding my personal understanding of Miss Masons methods. I have my 6 volumes of Miss Masons works close at hand along with a new notebook :o) I will proceed with my task as I do everything else concerning Miss Masons suggestions, one step at a time and as I feel confident enough to proceed. All at once is quite overwhelming and in my case can stop me in my tracks!

So, this term we will continue with:

* OHC with Barb, Reading Janet Marshes Diary, Keeping our nature journals, Big Garden Birdwatch
* Art Appreciation - Leonardo da Vinci 
* Art -  Barb at Harmony Art Mom
* Composer Study - Beethoven
* Literature - This term we are reading 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. Each child will have her own reading list to work through. 
* Geography - A Child's Geography: Exploring the Holy Land and Geography Drill with Settera **(see end of post)
* History - Finish off Romans in Briton then move on to Medieval history
* Copy work
* Global Events

This year I want to do a little series of posts delving into how we implement Charlotte Masons methods in our home school. I personally gain much insight when I read of how others do things in their homes. It helps me sort out a way that works for us. I find Barb's posts on this particularly enlightening. She is a fellow CMer and she has followed through in these methods with her children right through high school - which is where we are right now. So the more info I can glean - the better :o) She recently wrote a great post on how to plan art appreciation over at Curriculum Choice. It is a great article and one I found helpful even though we have been doing art appreciation for some years now. As my grandmother always says, 'You are never to old to learn something new!' The same goes for a home educating mama. Even though we are moving into year 7 of homeschooling, I'm still learning something new all the time!

Anyhoo - I think that I shall end this post on that note. It's turning into a bit of a ramble -LOL. See you here again very soon.

** I am very excited to be joining the Curriculum Choice team this year. Each month I get to write a review on a book/ tool/ curriculum of choice that is helpful and useful to the home educating community. I have reviewed Settera for January. My post is due to be published on January 16th. So if you want to know more about this free program, please hope over to Curriculum Choice then :o)

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