Monday, September 03, 2012

Nature Trails

We really love our nature studies, and it has got to the point where once a week is just not enough for us :o).

We will continue to participate in our much loved OHC with Barb. This resource has really given me confidence to be able to branch off on my own and look deeply into the wonders of nature that are decidedly English, or perhaps just to allow more time to be spent in nature observing things that fall outside of the Outdoor Hour Challenges. I hope that you will come along with us and enjoy our Nature Trails - we certainly do :o)

Here in England, the hedgerows are heavy with blackberries. In the late summer, we pick as many as we can, clean them, {soaking them in cold water and salt} and pop them into the freezer. Over the cold winter months, it is wonderful to bring some berries out of the freezer and add them to apple crumbles, warm oats, or smoothies. Summer goodness in the middle of the dark, cold wintery days.

Picking the berries is only half the fun. It is just such a delight to walk along the beautiful English lanes, soaking in the beauty of the countryside, enjoying the wildflowers that grow in abundance at this time of year, following 'secret' trails that beckon children to explore them...
or rounding a corner to come face to face with beautiful little stone cottages nestled in the countryside...

Along with the blackberries, our lanes are flanked with a prolific amount of beautiful, tall, pink flowers - evident in all my photographs. I am interested in England's wildflowers, so was pleased that my friend - who joins us on our nature walk every so often - was able to tell me what they were.

These beautiful 'weeds' are Himalayan Balsam. The children take great delight in touching the seed pods and making them explode. Hmmmm, remarkable like the impatiens seeds that my sisters and  used 'explode' as children. Upon further research, it turns out that the Himalayan Balsam is indeed part of the impatiens family! Impatiens Glandulifere to be exact. I have started a list of Britain's wildflowers in my nature journal, it really is so rewarding to know what on earth I am looking at in nature. Opposed to, 'that pretty tall pink flower thing' :o)

The bees just luuuurrrrvvvv these flowers, so I know exactly where to come for our 'insect' OHC on friday! .
Hope to see you here again very soon ;o)

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  1. Beautiful, Shirley. We cannot seem to get enough of our nature hikes. We are loving the CM philosophies. :) Thanks for sharing a peek into your world.
    Blessings to you, my friend.


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