Wednesday, September 05, 2012

For Those Of You...

who are all about hearth & home, seasons and nature... read on.

I truly find the change of seasons in England quite amazing. I am used to the African slow subtle changes from season to season. Up north it seems to me that the seasons keep a close watch on the calendars, and when Autumn/Spring/Summer/Winter is due, it simply opens the door and steps right in! I have noticed a marked drop in evening and morning temperatures already. Leaves are beginning to turn and the garden is covered in dew when we wake.

I love the seasons, the English countryside and traditions, anything hearth and home-ish, so imagine my delight when I discovered 'Landlove', a brand new {hit our shelves in April this year} mag out here in England. For overseas readers, you can pop up online and have a look here.

The cover immediately caught my eye. It promised all sorts of delicious delicacies inside. I was not disappointed.

This mag is jam packed with seasonal decor ideas, recipes, small holders inspiration, English traditions, English countryside, and, and, and! It totally appeals to my old fashioned heart! This is certainly one magazine that you will want to cherish and look at over and over again! I am so impressed with it's content that I just had to share this delicious little morsel with you! It's far to good to keep all too myself :o)


  1. Fall is my most favorite time of the year :) Lovely!

  2. What a lovely find i will have to try and get a copy when i am out shopping

    San x


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