Thursday, June 21, 2012

Living Books: A Book Review

Yesterday I mentioned a wonderful book that I had found in the library. In my estimation it is a beautiful 'living book', a great addition to any Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool. I have a few of my favourite living nature books that we often refer to - whether it is for inspiration or a bit of knowledge {You can find these books on my sidebar to the left.} but of course I am always on the look-out for a new find.

'Nature Adventures' by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom is a beautifully put together. The authors are clearly passionate about the study of nature and journaling, as I turn each page, I feel as if I am looking through someones personal nature journal.

This book encourages children (and me) to be observant and that a nature adventure can be found anywhere and at any time. It is a wildlife handbook, sketch book and diary all in one. This book has been divided into sections: 'In The Town', 'Fresh Water', 'Woodland', 'Field and Hedgerow', 'Wild Country', 'The Seashore' and' Through the Seasons'. It even includes a snippet on nature while on a car journey!

 The illustrations are beautiful, notes are made beside each illustration just as you would do in your own nature journal .Poetry and quotes from great poets, play-writes and classic literature have been sprinkled throughout, giving a lovely example of how a personal nature journal can be developed.

This is one book that I am not content to just check out of the library every so often. I feel that this would add huge value to our home library. My girls have picked it up numerous times and poured over it's pages.

Nature Adventures has been checked and endorsed by the Wildlife Trusts, who promote the conservation of wildlife across the UK, so all information is accurate ;o)

You can grab your own copy from Amazon, if you are from the UK you can follow this link:

and if you are from the USA, you will find it here.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Just ordered this from the library.

  2. Excellent Heather! I'm sure that you will get as much joy paging through it as I did.

  3. Lovely book! Thanks for sharing the review with the blog carnival!


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