Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Super Currclick Mothers Day Specials

In England, Mothering Sunday happens in March. Having grown up in South Africa, Mothers Day falls in May - as it does in many other countries. I mistakenly thought that it was this Sunday just past and merrily sent off a beautiful E-card to my mom. I have since discovered that it falls on Sunday May 13th! She has very sweetly NOT pointed this out to me! I'm just grateful that she got her card early rather than late. I would have felt awful if she thought I had forgotten!! How very confusing it can be!

A lovely English friend was telling me about the origins of Mothers Day  - which comes from England of course. Mothering Sunday (as it was and still is known in England), was and still is half way through Lent. It was a time when the staff of the very grand houses and I suppose anyone working far from home, went home to their 'Mother Churches' - hence 'Mothering Sunday'. It was a time when they could visit their families and it was the one time they were allowed to break their Lent fast. So it really had nothing to do with 'mothers' per say - although of course they spent time with their families. It was about visiting the church each was brought up in. Their 'mother' churches.

So now that I have fed you a bit of trivia on the Mothers Day origins, let me feed you a little Currclick tidbit.


Currclick is having a Mothers Day special from today through to May 15th. As you can see from the little advert above, they are giving away 5 freebies as well as giving you unlimited opportunities to win an ipod Nano and ipod shuffle - and of course - a free Mothers Day card download ;o) Just click on the image to visit - or on the image I have put on the top of my side bar on the right. At the risk of showing my EXTREME ignorance with regards to technology  - I have no idea what the difference is between ipod Nano and Shuffle is. I know what an ipod is but that's about as far as it goes -LOL. But it sounds like a great prize to win!

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