Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy St. Georges Day!

I thought I would quickly pop in and wish you all a very happy...

Today is St. Georges Day AKA National England Day. St George is the Patron Saint of England, now I know the day is drawing to a close, but I wanted to share with you the small way that we celebrated St Georges day in our home.

I baked some lovely red cupcakes, iced them with white icing and topped them off with the flag of England - the St. Georges cross. Bookmark this webpage and this webpage for some more St. Georges day printables for next year :o)

Can you see that the cake is red? It's my most successful red cake ever! I have tried the red cake thing numerous times only to be foiled and end up with a pink cake. I made sure that I was very generous with the red food colouring this time round!

Anyhoo - Happy St. Georges everyone!

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  1. Good idea - have you tried making red velvet cake - very yummy with cream cheese icing :)


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