Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Few Musings

I have to say that I am beginning to understand why February is a hard month to love! I didn't have this problem last year as we had just stepped out of summer and everything was new and exciting in England. Perhaps it is a sign of settling down, of England becoming home ;o) I am wishing February away and looking forward to March, who heralds Spring! I am learning to appreciate each little ray of sunshine that reaches the hard frozen earth, which is why I am quite happy to actually take pictures of such scenes -lol...

Yip, sunshine streaming through windows and lighting up some pretty spring flowers make my heart glad! That was yesterday, today is overcast and dreary again *sigh*.

Here's another little thing that makes my heart glad...

Cleo is just so sweet. We often find her in the most unusual of sleeping places. She brings a smile to my heart at the most unexpected times.

We have a birthday in the family coming up. My 'baby' is turning 12! I have just taken the beginnings of J-L's cake out of the oven, it smells heavenly! We decided to make a marble sponge - pink and white of course, although you won't see that until it's cut ;o)...

and the girls have decided to put together some party games. I love this age! I don't have to do any of that. They drew up a list of games, made a 'Pin Barbie's Hair Bow onto her Head' poster and made some great little table decorations. The cake is going to be a Barbie (yes, she still loves Barbie even at 12). So we are making one of those Barbie doll standing in her skirt of cake king of cakes. I have a few books out of the library to help me a bit with the whole plastic icing thing. My children have a VERY strong confidence in my cake decorating abilities as they point out the most elaborate creations. Clearly they have been watching far too much 'Ace of Cakes'! I'm a bit more in touch with reality and my abilities -lol. But I think I will be able to manage decorating Barbies skirt. I'll be sure to post the results.

To keep on top of the February slump, I have re-organised the 'school room' aka dining room and lounge. I love the result and am working on a bit of 'Learning Spaces' post - along with a few other gems I discovered and a few thoughts for you ;o)

I'll finish off this post with this cute little Snowdrop Fairy. My garden is full little snowdrops just about to open their lovely little flowers!


  1. Your cat is cute! Happy birthday to your 12 yo :) They do grow up fast!

  2. At least February is a shorter month!
    Our cat wouldn't be caught dead in the sink, unless she was having a drink. She likes to go in other strange places though.


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