Sunday, October 09, 2011


The time had to come eventually. The time for our daughter's to leave sharing a bedroom behind and move into their own rooms. When we discovered that the house we were to move into in England was a 4 bedroomed home it was received with mixed feelings in our family. Elation from our 13 year old who had been craving her own space and anxiety and sadness from our 11 year old as she was not at all keen on being on her own!

I thought I would stitch this beautiful little picture for our little one's new room, hoping that it would bring a little comfort to her. I altered the hair color of each little girl so as to accurately represent each of my girls. They love the fact that a much loved teddy has also made it into this precious scene ;o)

As we thought, this year has been a very difficult one for our little one to come to terms with. Not only did we leave all that is familiar behind, but she had to get used to not having her sisters company at night. I wish I could say that she got used to it, that she began to love her own space, but that is not the case. Most nights she started off in our bed as it helped her to feel close to us. On the week-ends she would camp out in her sisters room, Monday nights always brought tears. It has been quite heartbreaking.

But this little family drama does have a happy ending ;o) I finished this little stitchery about a month ago. All that was left to do was to frame it. But what do you suppose happened? Well, my eldest daughter, who has so loved having her own space, suddenly got a bee in her bonnet after one camp-out week-end, and decided that she missed her little sister and really wanted to share a room again! Of course little sister was delighted, in fact, I think this decision made her year! So with no time to loose, the girls and I lugged furniture and little bits and bobs to one room.

The stitchery is now framed and resting in their shared bedroom where they can both appreciate the gift of sisterhood.


  1. Oh what a lovely lovely lovely post! What a wonderful gift they have been given in each other and how wonderful that they can SEE that for themselves! God is sooooo wonderful isnt He!!!! Happy bedroom sharing!

  2. Just lovely! They obviously have a strong bond and the cross stitch is just beautiful.

    San x

  3. So sweet my friend, love that they love each other so much! Cath and I grew up sharing our room for many years and I think that is part of the reason we are so close today. Thanks too for my phone call today, it lifted my spirits!Love you all lots and miss you!

  4. How precious!! I'm so thankful that my girls have each other and well, lets face it, with four little brothers they need each other (and will always share a room) : D

  5. Thank you so much for all your kind comments!

    Although my girls bicker like all children do, It is really sweet to see that they do love each other dearly to choose to share a room.

    As I read all of your comments that fact became evident and warmed my heart as today has been one of 'those' bickering days!

    Thank you all for your thoughts and words.

    Blessings in Christ
    Shirley Ann


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