Friday, October 14, 2011

OHC - Autumn Color

'Hey - it's Friday!!!! - that means its nature study day!!!! - Whoooohoooo'.
These were the first words I heard coming from the girls bedroom this morning - ahhh, music to a mama's ears ;o)

We are loving our OHC weekly challenges! I'm sure I say the same thing every week, but to follow along really ensures that we actually DO our nature study. So thank you Barb for all your hard work!

Our lesson started off with watching the recommended YouTube video in this weeks challenge. I had placed a couple of new Autumn themed books on the school/dining table which I was pleased to see the girls reading when I walked in.

Once we had had a little chat about what we had learned from the video and what we were looking for on our walk, we headed out. We paid special attention to the color's of the changing leaves, but we also noticed other autumnal colors in the fruits and berries along the way.

We were also delighted by a flock of tiny little Chaffinches feeding on some blueberries in a nearby hedgerow. As usual, they were too quick for my camera!

Once home, we all spent some time working on our journals together. Each of us recorded the autumnal colors in a different way. Here are are pages...
Miss J's Page

Missy V's page

Mama birds page
Next weeks challenge? Chipmunks - hmmmmm, don't think we get those in England, so we shall be improvising and focus on squirrels instead ;o)


  1. Your first sentences made me glad that your family is enjoying nature study with the OHC. I think you do a very good job of getting outside and really seeing your neighborhood and it is fun for us to see it as well. Your journals are such great examples and I am so glad that you share yours too! Lovely.

    By all means, observe squirrels instead. We will be doing the same since we do not have chipmunks in our area of California either. The challenge will work with either one...looking forward to seeing your entry.

  2. I love your photos...brilliant post!

  3. Love how each of you interprets the colors seen differently in the notebook. We have a little chipmunk near our house, but I think he's gone into hiding recently. So we may have to study squirrels too.

  4. I love the sketches :)
    Out of curiosity what is that in your fireplace?

  5. I agree with you. We get outside and focus on our nature study better with the challenges that Barb spends so much time helping us with! Thanks Barb!

    You have caught some enjoyable moments!

  6. Hi Zonnah, there is a be-u-ti-full wood burning stove in there. Perfect for cold winter days. It is heats up the entire room - kitchen too!


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