Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn Along - 14 September

*sorry - I thought this pattern was free on Ravelry but it's not. Please accept my apologies.
I am so excited to be working on this shawl ( pattern on Ravelry)! For one thing, it is my first attempt at lace work.
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Simple lace work, but great for a first lace project. For another thing, I actually started this shawl last year. No, I have not been procrastinating, but I have been moving countries, then running out of the yarn and having to have some more custom dyed and then sent over to me in England. So it has quite a little story to it.

This shawl is purposed for my dear Step-mother. My dad was tragically killed last year May, and this shawl is my 'prayer shawl' for her. Have you heard of prayer shawls? If you click on the link you can read all about it. But basically, as you knit the shawl you pray for the person it is for. I think that this is such a beautiful ministry and such a personal way to keep the person you are knitting for lifted up in prayer.

The book that you see in the picture is titled 'Warm Fuzzies'. I found it on the shelves of my library and am thinking that it is a must have for my own personal library! It is full of wonderful ideas using old jumpers that you find in thrift stores and then felt at home. The ideas are fun, fresh and exciting. My crafty 'To Do' list has just grown considerably!



  1. What a lovely idea a prayer shawl is,I had never heard of them before. Good luck with getting it finished!

  2. A prayer shawl is a beautiful idea, and it looks like such a soothing colour too :)

  3. I love this shawl. I used another pattern on Ravelry to knit one for our pastors wife when she was getting treatments for cancer.

  4. I've heard of prayer shawls before. Someone I used to know was involved with making these. It is a lovely pattern (although it doesn't look it's free) and I'm sure your step mil will appreciate it very much.

  5. Sam, thank you for your comment. This shawl has been such a pleasure to knit I have not been able to put it down! I finished it last night - all thats left is blocking.

    I love the colour too pinkundine. It is so nice and girly ;o)

    Anna how lovely to knit a prayer shawl for your pastors wife. I know that if I waws in distress such a gift would be priceless.

    Ellen, thank you for pointing out my error about the pattern being free - eeeep! I started knitting it so long ago I forget what is what ;o)


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