Monday, August 01, 2011

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon... London.
Watching Street Performers - Piccadilly Circus

Regent Street. What beautiful old buildings!

London's maze of streets often plonks buildings in the middle of the road ;o)

A snap in Hamley's
I love visiting London - buy only for a short time ;o) so when my DH was beckoned from head office to go on business for a few days - we thought it the perfect opportunity to tag along and visit the British Museum (more on that later). We took a leisurely drive down from the Midlands and spend a gloriously warm Sunday afternoon enjoying a little shopping in Hamleys followed by a lazy afternoon in Hyde Park. Unfortunately there was no band on the bandstand - much to my disappointment! That would have made it just perfect. But close to perfect is good enough :o)
The Princess Diana Rose Walk - so pretty

A Typical English Scene - Enjoying the Sun on Deck Chairs

Paddling on the Lake

Admiring Her Majesty's Swans
What a lovely sublime day [sigh!]


  1. Beautiful photos. Sounds like a lovely day. :)

  2. Hi Serena,
    It was indeed a lovely day! Peaceful and sublime ;o)
    Shirley Ann


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