Friday, August 12, 2011

Sliding into the Weekend

Well it certainly has been a week to remember here in England! One the nation in general is glad to see the back of. The weekend lies before us, promising rest and calm.

 For our family, our weekend kicks off with [hopefully if the cloud cover lets up] viewing the Perseid's meteor shower. Each year around this time, the heavens give us a celestial spectacle. The shower can be observed from tonight - 12 August through to the early hours of tomorrow morning. Apparently the full moon is set to interfere with viewing so ideally, the best time to watch would be just before dawn on Saturday when the moon is relatively low. Some interesting facts about the Perseid's - it is basically a dust trail left behind from the Swift Tuttle comet which was last seen in 1992. Each year in the earths trip around the sun, it passes near the spot where it last met up with the comet. The grains of dust left behind from the tail of the comet enter earths atmosphere at huge speeds and burn up - producing a spectacular natural 'fireworks' display. 

Saturday will see the children enjoying their weekly horse-riding lesson...

and Sunday we plan on visiting a park nearby if the weather holds and generally just pottering about at home - lovely! What are your weekend plans?

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