Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rambling Thoughts of the Season

Brrrrrr! There's a nip in the air this morning. I've had a sneaky suspicion that Autumn is going to arrive any day now! It's a funny thing, there is always a change in the air that I pick up before any obvious signs. The temperature is dropping, there's that hazy-lazy feel to the air, and a couple of trees are displaying a hint of russet leaves. My knitting needles are clicking as I have an urge to create warm clothing for my family and my central heating is popped on every now and again (a symptom of someone from Africa living in England - lol - my English friends think I'm c-raz-y), and the urge to make my nest ready for hibernation is certainly there :o)
Brambly Hedge Illustration
I have been working on my Themes and Plans for September (post to come next week sometime) as well working on a few Autumnal goodies to decorate our home - just a few touches to celebrate the coming of the new season. I'm trying to be creative with what we have around the home and to use natures bounty where I can (included in my themes and plans post) .We are off to Scotland for a week in September, so when we come back the time should be just right to put up those little touches and really embrace the arrival of Autumn.
Like Brambly Hedge's little mice, we too have been gathering from the hedgerows ;o)

I wanted to share a little treasure with you. I was browsing through the library shelves and came across this:

It is filled with folklaw, what happened today in  history snippets, farmers almanac, and little sayings. Everything that you need to follow the natural rhythm of the year and then some! It is an English book so it's focus is around England's folklaw and farming year etc... I have added it onto my Amazon wish list ;o) - so many books and not enough bookshelves!

I think I have reached the end of my ramblings ;o) Have a lovely day and hope to see you here soon.


  1. We just love Brambley Hedge around here. I remember the first time I read the small size books borrowed from the library to my oldest, she was about 3 years old. Thanks for reminding me this is a favorite especially around the cooler months. Something about those beautiful illustrations. I'll be pulling out our books from the shelf soon. :)

  2. Enjoy looking through your Brambly Hedge books ;o) I never tire of spending time looking at all the little details in the illustrations.
    Shirley Ann


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