Saturday, August 06, 2011

August Garden

Back in South Africa, our home had a large garden where we would try very hard to grow our own produce. This was often attacked by baboons (we lived in the Table Mountain Nature Reserve), it was an easy food source for them and always a frustration for us. Here in England, God has placed us in the city for a season. Our garden is much smaller, but it amazes me how much you can do in a small space! I gain much pleasure each day walking around and watching the changes that take place here. In the midst of the city hustle and bustle, this is a little oasis of calm.

Aaaah, lovely foxgloves! In our South African garden, delicate annuals like this were impossible to grow as the gale-force South Easter ripped through the mountainside throughout summer. I was determined therefore to have a few Foxgloves in my English garden. I love the little trail enticing insects to the center of the flower ;o) Beware if you have small children though - these are poisonous if ingested!

I think this is part of the gyp family. It's soft lacy look is just so pretty.

We have fuchsias flowering in their hanging baskets - looking like little ballerinas dancing in the late summer breeze.

Petunias and roses in full bloom adding dramatic splashes of color.

My tomato's are late this year, we have only just begun to see flowers. I know from experience though that once the fruit forms harvest is not long after that. We have 10 plants of varying types. I am hoping to get a good enough harvest to make lots of sauce to see us through the long winter months.

and finally, the blackberries have been ripening since July! Very early but we have been picking them each day and popping them into the freezer. I think I shall make apple and blackberry crumble today ;o)

So, my garden is alive with growth, harvest and little visiting insects. The bees and butterflies work so hard gathering pollen and nectar. It is a delight to sit quietly each afternoon and watch them flitter from flower to flower. What joy a garden brings!


  1. Beautiful pictures, I especially love the pale pink fuchsias. Never seen them that color. I can't imagine having a garden attacked by baboons! That must have been an experience to remember. :)

  2. It certainly was Serena! I really don't miss being so close to the wildlife -lol.
    Shirley Ann


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