Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Bible Study Chocolate Cake

 How has your week been treating you? Well, I hope! So far my week has been really nice. I've taken those lieu days that my firm owed me and have been loving indulging in a little knitting, baking, podcasting, and blogging.

I dug out my favorite old recipe book and made a cake that I used to make all the time in South Africa, but I have rarely made it here and I'm wondering why! Isn't it funny how something that used to be such a regular thing in your home can then virtually disappear from your routine?

Baking is one of those things but I suspect that working outside of the home has had a significant impact on that and other routines that were a part of my life for so long. This is one of the reasons I am so happy to be cutting my outside work hours right down and eventually bring my entire working endeavors home! You see home really is where my heart is.

Let me tell you about my bible study chocolate cake. The recipe is actually called 'American Chocolate Cake' and it was a recipe shared by our pasters wife in the church recipe book one year. This was our church in South Africa btw not here although what a great idea! I may bring that up with our own paster at some point as a fundraiser for the church.

Anyhoo, we used to call it 'Bible Study Cake' because it's essentially a lovely big traybake and perfect for church gatherings. We would take it in turns to bring something tasty along to Bible Study and inevitably one of us would bring Bible Study Cake. I have fond memories of Bible Study Cake, the Daniel bible study by Beth Moore, and lots of lovely fellowship with a fantastic group of women. I miss that because I have not found that here in the UK.

It is the easiest cake to make in the world! PLUS you mix everything together in the large roasting pan or baking dish that you are going to bake it in so no extra dishes to wash. I mean what more could you ask for!

The recipe produces a lovely rich moist cake. It does take about an hour to cook because it is so big but that does not bother me.

What I've done with this bake is cut it into squares and frozen half of them keeping the other half out for family and friends to enjoy. You can freeze fully iced cakes then thaw and enjoy them, they are just as moist and delicious. If you decide to have a baking day this is a great way to stock up the freezer so you will always have a treat should an unexpected guest pop in for coffee.

Before I go... the stars and sprinkles on my cake have reminded me of one of my new colourways of yarn that I dyed and is up in the shop...

Isn't it just gorgeous! Red with navy speckles. This one is called 'Make do and Mend' a nod to Britain and our thrifty and creative heritage born out of the war years. This skein would make a great pair of Christmas socks don't you think? 😊


  1. Around here (northeast us) we call that Crazy Cake, it’s funny how the same cake can have such different names!


  2. I love that this recipe is known as "American chocolate cake. I live in Southern California and have always known this recipe as "Wacky Cake." (I also have a lemon version that is lovely!)


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