Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Couple of Christmassy Things...

Oh my! Can you believe that this Sunday is the beginning of Advent? How did that happen? :o)

I'm not totally unprepared however, I have managed to get all my overseas gifts posted off and all my Christmas cards are written out and addressed. They will go into the post over the week-end.

 We are off to buy our Christmas tree tomorrow which is very exciting and we will spend Saturday decorating it together. We have been baking Christmas pies - delicious!- which were all consumed in a day, so we shall be baking some more soon :o)

I really dislike the consumer edge that this precious time of year has taken on, so although I love the excitement of decorating, I am on guard against going on a shopping frenzy and filling my trolley with all those ADORABLE decorations. In line with wanting life to be a bit more simple, frugal, resourceful and homey, I decided that any decorating that is to be done in our home had to be homemade or natural oh - and FRUGAL! Simplicity is the keyword.

For years, I mean YEARS, I have wanted to make sweet smelling pomanders. I'm not sure why on earth it has taken me so long, because once I sat down to studding that lovely smelling citrus fruit, time flew by and before I knew it my lounge was -and still is- smelling very Christmassy! What a doddle ;o) The best thing about this craft is that the pomander's can keep for years. Cost: £3.00 (cloves, ribbon and two oranges)

Our bees wax dipped leaf garland has been replaced with a little felt stitchery. I just loved making this sweet little Christmas bunting and it didn't take me long at all. From cutting, stitching and sewing up, working a little every day, I had it finished in 4 days. What cheer it brings to the mantle! Cost: around £2.00 (felt)

I have always known Poinsettias to be the Christmas flower. So when I saw our supermarket shelves beginning to fill up with these cheery flowers, I bought two to grace our mantle. They immediately brought in a Christmas air into our home. I just love that beautiful deep red and green! Cost: £3.00 for two
I am currently working on little cross-stitch bands to fit around the pots. I think that they will add further cheer and quirkiness to our mantle.

I'm not the only one who has the Christmas Craft Bug! Miss V-L has made this cure little Christmas heart hanger out of felt. Isn't it sweet?


  1. I need to mail my international package soon too. Thanks for the reminder! I hope you find the perfect tree and yes I cannot believe it's going to be advent :)

  2. Lovely, you are amazingly organized.

    1. Occasionally I can be -LOL. I'm always super impressed with what you are getting up to when I visit your blog Cath.

  3. Loving the decorations. Wishing I was as organised as you!

  4. Love the photos as always, Shirley Ann. And I think I'll try the pomanders this year, too. But how do you preserve them?

    1. Hi Lisa. It is really interesting. The oil from the cloves seeps into the fruit causing it to shrivel up a bit and preserve!


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