Friday, March 23, 2018

Under An English Sky Yarns is Closing & Other News

Hello my Lovelies,

Can you believe that we are on the cusp of Holy Week already? We are just a week away from Easter and it suddenly dawned on me that I'm rather unprepared. We have been so busy here with exam prep with DD2 and I myself have been busy with my own studies which I completed last week (don't think I've told you about that yet) that March has just blown on by.

First, let me get a bit of news out of the way. As you can see by the title of this post I am closing down my little yarn business. It's been great fun but to be honest I'm just not enjoying it as much as I was. I thought that perhaps it was just a little slump and that the creative bug would bite again, but no. It is not to be.

After spending much time thinking about it all, I realised that there is very little point pursuing something that you just don't feel that passionate about anymore, especially when there are so many talented dyers out there who are passionate about it. So I'm packing away the dye pots and moving on to the next season that life is ushering in.

If you are a knitter and love Indy Yarn, then do hop on over to my Etsy store as I have drastically reduced all my stock. You may as well take advantage of the prices as they are all well below what dyers usually charge for their hard work.

Moving on...

We had more snow over the weekend, this time it didn't stick around as long as the first time. It had all melted away by the evening so not much inconvenience for us. We were the lucky ones though, other parts of the county received the brunt of the 'mini beast from the east'

If you are a long time reader of my blog you will know that this year is our final homeschooling year and I've been pondering on what life will hold once DD2 heads off to college. While I will not be rushing into anything I thought that this year was a good time to brush up my work skills. BC (before children) I was an Executive Secretary/PA and when I re-enter the workforce this is where I shall be looking, it's work that I love and am good at (can you see where the planning, organising etc traits you've seen reflected on my blog fit in 😁). I thought that it might be a wise idea to brush up on my skills so in August last year I enrolled in a Legal Secretarial course. As you can guess that is what has been keeping me busy and I am pleased to say that last week I wrote my last test and posted my assignment portfolio for marking. So I'm all done and await my results.

In January I spoke about how I love to watch what's going on outside while I wash the dishes. I thought I would share a funny little scenario I witnessed this week. A rather handsome Pheasant drops by to feast at the bird feeder at least once a day. He's become a regular visitor and I enjoy watching him fuss about at the foot of the feeder for spilt seed. Apparently, I'm not the only one who likes to spy on our feathered friends...

although I fear that her motives for spying are drastically different to mine 😂. I'm sure she was wondering how she was going to bag this bird for breakfast, I'm pleased to say that for all her stealthy stalking she thought better of it in the end and chose to let him be. When your prey is bigger than you are it's not likely to end well.

Anyhoo lovelies, I will love and leave you for today but I will be back next week to share some of our Holy Week thoughts and activities.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. good luck with your job endeavors, I hope you find something that you enjoy. I do part time babysitting and love the flexibility and the minimal amount of time (two mornings per week). I can't believe your youngest is going off - eep!!!

  2. Good for you! I wish you every success in any venture and adventure you choose!


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